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Craftsmen Home Improvements, Inc

The Mold Fighter Basement Finishing System

Craftsmen is known for being the only contractor in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas featuring The Mold Fighter Basement Finishing System, which is made up of the following components:

Outer Walls:

The outer walls of your basement are prone to mold contamination because of the constant moisture created by the concrete walls being a different temperature from the air inside your basement. In the same way that dew forms on your yard at night, moisture is trapped behind your basement walls, creating an ideal breeding ground for the mold spores that are always present in the air.

To overcome this potential threat to your family’s health, Craftsmen uses 3 inch thick insulation against the concrete walls, which has the added protection of having a vapor barrier on the front AND back sides and contains galvanized steel furring strips molded into the panel every 24 inches. We then attach purple drywall to the furring strips, spackles, sand and then paint. The purple drywall is the “high-tech” version of green board and is mold and moisture resistant.

Interior Walls:

Are framed with galvanized steel studs for mold resistance with purple drywall attached.


Are either drywall or Armstrong drop-in grid panels specially coated to be used in a damp area and not promote mold growth.

Basement Flooring & Carpeting:

Craftsmen always uses mold and moisture resistant carpet padding that organically neutralizes odor and possible mold growth.

Basement Bathroom:

When finishing or remodeling a new space, a bathroom may be a desired addition to your remodel.

Basement Bar:

Adding a bar to your basement is a popular trend we are seeing at Craftsmen. We can work with you on your design process and give you great finished basement ideas.

Craftsmen Home Improvements performs quality work and has been satisfying customers for over 25 years. A finished basement can allow you to add value to your home and have additional space to call your own. Contact us to get a free in-home consultation to determine the cost to finish a basement in your home.

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