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Planning a Bathroom Remodel?

April 07, 2014

When thinking about remodeling your bathroom a few things should be at the top of your list. We can help you get the style you want at a price you can afford. The trick is to pay attention to a few details while you’re in the planning phase. To stretch your budget, you can look for less expensive alternatives for some items so you can include the luxury details you really want.

Cultured marble vanities can also be less expensive than actual stone. Sold as an integrated unit with the sink and counter top together, these vanities can cut down on installation costs. And be sure to think about the practicalities of who will use your bath. It is more economical to install a double sink during your remodel now, so you won’t have to think of adding an additional bath later on. Thinking ahead to accommodate the future needs of your growing family can make your bathroom remodel practical for years to come. And avoiding a future remodel is certainly the most cost-effective choice.

For instance, many of our customers who are doing a bathroom remodel ask for ceramic tiles. But did you know that fiberglass tub surrounds are often a less expensive alternative? Choosing them can free up your budget to splurge on other details. On the other hand, there are ways we can make tile showers more affordable for you: be sure to ask us for details. And today’s tile showers are easier to take care of than they used to be. The advanced grouts of today need not be sealed and we use actual sheets of concrete behind the tile (instead of drywall) so if water ever gets behind the tile, the wall will stay intact.
 Remember – the important thing about planning your remodel is to consider all the alternatives – and we know how to help you do it! 
Call for a free in-home consultation for your bathroom remodel in Cincinnati or Dayton. We will come to your home and evaluate your needs and make a plan so you can have the bathroom of your dreams. Cincinnati: 513-942-6300513-942-6300; Dayton: 937-299-5201937-299-5201.

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